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Explanation of Energy

“If it were not for the love of thousands, we would cease to exist”.

Explanation of Energy: About Qi

The Human Energy Field / The Aura

Every single human being is a ball of energy, not just the physical kind. Apart from having our own energy, we are giving out and receiving different energies all the time.

Whilst some energies are helpful, others aren't. In simple terms one person or place might make you feel happy whilst another might drain you physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you look at energy the way you look at fingerprints, everything you touch you leave your print on, so energy works in the same way, every person that you meet, every thought that you have and everyplace that you go, are all taking parts of your energy, whilst you are also drawing on the energy from others. That is why it is very important to be in balance and look after your own energy.

The human energy field or the aura as it is known is made of several different layers, whilst each layer is connected to the chakra system. (post coming soon).

I am just going to list the main areas of the aura that I would be working on during an energy session.

There are several layers to the aura, which in turn are connected to the chakra system (energy centers, 7 major ones and loads of small ones) which are connected to the meridians (energy flowing path within the body).

The first layer of the aura is the Physical Layer which is closest to your body, and relates to your physical body, muscles, tissues and bones. It is weak when immunity is low or for people who don't exercise much, or are less active and it is stronger in people who are very active.

The second layer is the Emotional Layer, which represents emotions and feelings. It can be very affected in times of emotional stress.

The third layer is the Mental Layer which represents thoughts, mental ability and the state of your mind. It will be stronger in people who engage in mental tasks or have an overactive mind, and radiates the strongest when creativity is in flow.

If something emotional happens us it will affect our emotional layer then this can lead into our emotional layer and our physical layer, thus affecting our chakras which are connected to these layers and affecting the meridians which are connected to the chakras.

Example ; losing someone you love will have an effect on your mind, body and soul.

Something on a physical layer can lead out into the emotional and mental layers. Something traumatic happening to your body, say for example breaking a bone after falling off a bike, can have an effect on you mentally (making you afraid to ride a bike again) then this can lead out into the emotional layer.

When something affects us (no matter how big or small it might seem), it can create a domino effect and end up affecting us on many different levels, leading to unbalance in the body, mind and soul.

Each Layer of the aura is a different colour, when we are balanced each layer is strong on its own, but when we are out of balance the layer that it is affecting may look sluggish, lighter or darker in colour, not as vibrant and may start seeping into the other layers.

Vibration and Frequency Simplified

All energy healing therapies work on a similar basic principle. We are energy beings and we have an aura or energy field which surrounds and includes our physical body. In a state of dis-ease (illness, stress, worry etc), blocks will form in the aura and the energy flow will slow down. From a schooling point of view, in physics we learn that matter is made up of molecules.


Even something that is solid, such as a table, is vibrating all the time. As humans, we are energy, we too, are vibrating. When you say someone has "good vibes," you are really talking about that person's energy — happy people vibrate on a higher frequency. You can feel their energy. It’s the same with unhappy or angry people, you can instantly feel the dense and low vibe that they are giving off.


Places have vibes too. When you walk into a room in which a fight has just occurred, you may feel a dense energy that makes you want to leave right away. Whereas when you are at the beach you can feel the clear, fresh and renewed energy.



Grounding basically means being earthed. Electricity is a form of energy so that has to be earthed in order for it to be safe to use. The same principle applies to us. Grounding means to establish a feeling of self- awareness, a foundation of the consciousness of one’s own self. In energy terms, it means to establish a connecting awareness in the unity of body, mind, and spirit.


Grounding could be one of the most important and powerful personal awareness, health and healing practices for you to understand and apply in your daily life. Being grounded and having unity in body, mind and spirit is the beginning of becoming present, being whole and complete and having a life you love. It calls first for intending this reality for yourself, then it calls for awareness.


The process of waking up to yourself and your life is the process of becoming aware of what is really going not just what your stories, judgments and opinions are, and paying attention to your senses and perceptions realizing the truth about your thoughts and thinking.


You must be grounded to be aware. You must have unity of body, mind and spirit to be present, whole and complete and have a life you love.

Distance Energy Sessions

You do not have to be in the same physical proximity as someone to receive an energy session. It can be just as effective if you were next door, in another country or even halfway around the world.

Distant energy sessions offer the exact same benefits of an in person treatment.

Additional Benefits of a distant session include:

  • You can schedule it to receive it at a time that suits you.

  • You receive it in the comfort of your own home or in a place that you wish to.

  • You can unwind for the rest of the evening after receiving it rather than having to get up and go home.

  • You save time and stress of travelling to and from a physical location.

Full written report of what took place during the session.  

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