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Breaking The Shackles

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After going through a turbulent time in his own life. Denis eventually started to listen to the voice within, a voice that was so familiar but at the time he did not quite understand what their messages meant.

It was through taking a more holistic approach in understanding his own emotional, mental and physical health that led Denis to rediscover himself, unlocking a part of him that was hidden away for so long, that he had completely forgotten existed, the part he felt he had to hide in order to fit into a world he never fitted into in the first place.

This empowering book is filled with tools that you can use to unchain to the rhythm of a world that you have become so accustomed to, helping you to break free of the limitations you have placed upon yourself and truly transform your life.

Filled with personal experiences, amazing insights and powerful meditations, Breaking The Shackles unlocks the truths about how we personally experience the world, offering advice and guidance that is balanced, spiritual and all the time concerned with you achieving your highest potential.

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