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Allergy Testing

Whilst I am not a nutritionist, through kinesiology I can muscle test to see what foods or substances are good for your energy.

Using a clear indicator muscle, letting your body do the talk, I can check which food or substances that you use or take are biogenic, biostatic or biocidic.

We are all individual, what can be good for one person may have a disastrous effect on another.

Biogenic - foods and substances which raise our energy, do not take too much energy to digest and leave little residue for the body to eliminate.

Biostatic - foods and substances which have a neutral effect on us. They may serve to enhance the energy of another food that has a more biogenic effect on us, or help to downgrade the biocidic effect of other food.

Biocidic - foods and substances that downgrade our energy, take extra time to digest, and leave toxic waste for the body to eliminate.

Allergy Testing: Allergy Testing
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